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Its me again!

2011-01-15 03:31:54 by crojas

Im back this year with more drawings hope you enjoy...

Btw please suggest things that i can draw!!!!

Sup pplz!

2010-12-29 06:27:04 by crojas

I just want to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year


2010-12-22 18:05:24 by crojas

Hello pplz!! :) if you are reading this then its probably because you have seen my little animation or one of my drawings
First of all... Thank you for watching
Second of all thanks for coming here...
and lastly please post something that will help me become better :)

hello pplz

2010-12-22 00:18:40 by crojas

HEY!!! If you are reading this then you are probably one of the only people to ever visit my profile... just keep in mind that one day i will upload something XD